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Life & Loss


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Meet Hayley 

Integrated Therapist

NLP, TFT, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

I am an Integrated Therapist, Mindset and Life Coach and work with clients with a wide range of issues - in particular I specialise in working with people struggling to adapt to Life after Loss.

It could be recent events that bring you here to my page, or perhaps a loss of someone or something significant a long time ago. You may be struggling to cope or have been getting by but not in a way that’s working for you... Getting the help to rebuild these parts of your life is really good first step. 

People experience loss and the associated emotions in many different ways. Although largely associated with the heartbreaking and life changing event of losing a loved one, equally the loss of a valued relationship or a life once had, can be just as significant.

Loss can be life changing, scary and full of emotions that are tricky to move through. We’ve all heard about the grief and loss cycle of sadness, anger, and guilt but when actually going through this yourself it can bring a seemingly insurmountable mountain of emotion unlike any other and be incredibly lonely and overwhelming, leaving you struggling with day to day life. 

If this is you, then please do get in touch. You don’t have to go through it alone.

I work with a range of therapy techniques, using an integrated approach tailored to you and the issues you are experiencing. We talk together in a comfortable, confidential and non judgemental safe space allowing you to explore what’s going on for you at a pace that works for you - introducing small steps and new strategies, allowing you to progress towards coping with your loss and enabling you to reconnect with life once more.

If you’d like to chat to see how I can help then do get in touch. You can click here to contact me to book a free initial 30 min appt by phone or Zoom. 

What can i help with?

What can i help with?

Feelings of intense sorrow are a completely natural response to losing someone or something you care about. The extent and range of feelings are unique to each person and each situation, and may also run at a different pace for each person.

Significant loss can completely change the way you view the world and change things up in a way that means your routine and sense of normality is thrown out the window.


Sometimes this feeling can be consistently overwhelming and can mean day to day life becomes a struggle. Additional and exacerbated feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, resentment, negative habits, numbness, loss of direction and feeling of stuckness can be directly connected to the experience of losing someone or something you care about.

At the Stable Space, I offer a safe place for you to talk and express your grief along with a range of therapy techniques to help you adjust to the new life and self and work through any conflict and less helpful feelings that may have arisen.

I have and can work with any of the following issues 

A number of years ago I experienced two miscarriages within the space of a few months, followed by two years of infertility. Despite how common it is, I felt incredibly lonely in my grief. I assumed friends and family were bored of hearing about it.

The sorrow consumed my life on a daily basis and I could not work out how I was going to get past the pain of my dreams being dashed in such a brutal way and enjoy life in the way others seemed to be doing.

As I began to take the first steps towards healing and to talking about the pain that remained, there were two ladies I saw in a therapeutic capacity . Although once was a beautician and one a reflexologist, they both allowed me the space to talk. And cry. And rant.

Both gave me guidance with small steps I could take that helped. I honestly don’t think I would have got through that time without them both. One or two close friends seemed surprised that my grief was still a thing months afterwards so I stopped talking to pretty much everyone else, as I assumed everyone felt the same.

Hospital signposting for grief services was limited and involved being in a big group. I was afraid to go and have to immerse myself in other people's grief. My own was bad enough and I wanted to move forward but didn’t have the tools or energy to do so. Over the course of a few years, the sorrow subsided but left me with an empty feeling, zero self worth and a complete lack of direction in life.

I existed but I did not thrive. I had no idea who I was anymore and how I was going to change this by myself.

But with the help of NLP and hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching, change became possible. The clouds lifted, the weight on my shoulders disappeared. And this change inspired me to want to be that helping person for others. I have since studied and qualified in a variety of therapeutic healing methods , all designed to be able to practically help others with the overwhelming side effects of Loss.



Panic attacks


Feelings of Guilt and Shame

Binge Eating


Feeling of ‘Stuckness’

Low confidence


Identity crisis

Low self-esteem

Unhealthy Habits

Undesirable behaviours

Lack of Energy


Loss of focus

Loss of enjoyment

Lack of Interest

Feelings of betrayal

Social and emotional withdrawal


Author Unknown

"One day you will tell your story of how you've overcome what you are going through now, and it will become part of someone else's survival guide."

My why

Why i do what i do...

If you would like to get in touch then ​click here​ and we can have a chat to see how we can move forward.


Who I've helped


I visited Hayley for help with my anxiety and I am so glad I did. Hayley is a very calm and comforting person to be around and immediately put me at ease during my first session. She has really helped me to understand the triggers that make me anxious and has given me very simple yet effective techniques to manage and reduce anxiety. 

Quite simply, it works! After completing my sessions with Hayley I have found that situations that would typically send me into a panic do not bother me at all and I can’t thank her enough for that. I would recommend Hayley and the NLP techniques to anyone and am so grateful for the difference that this has made (and will continue to make) to my life!


I saw Hayley for a few sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them. She asked lots of questions and listened to everything I had to say before working on a way to help me with my phobia.

We then spent a few sessions working on different techniques to help and support me, some of which have been a massive help in other aspects of my life. She was extremely patient, understanding and calming to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing support. 


Hayley has supported me with the loss of my Husband. My journey with grief and loss has been a long and complicated road and continues to challenge me daily. She has supported me intensely through the early months and has continued to be someone I turn to when the waves of grief  feel overwhelming . 

She has equipped me with the skills to work through the hopelessness and pain. Her non judgemental and open approach have enabled me to see that my life isn't over and I can have joy and happy times without guilt. 

I continue to have 'maintenance' sessions with Hayley and really owe much of my  strength post grief to this amazing woman. 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend . 


From the day i met Hayley for our first session my life has been a little easier. She is kind, caring and completely approachable. She always makes me feel heard, even when i'm not really sure what it is I am trying to say.

She has a unique way of helping me to see things from all different angles, good and bad and  has helped me to grow as a person. Throughout every step i have taken Hayley has offered an honest, passionate and reassuring support that goes above and beyond her role.

Let's Talk

Let’s talk

I have my own therapy room based in Hainford, just North of Norwich

Sessions are 60 minutes and cost £65 per hour. Block booking and discretionary reduced rates available.

I offer a free 30 min initial consultation either over the phone or face to face so if you would like to take the first step, please do get in touch and let’s have a chat.
07912 795 138

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